Our strength


The product is made in Japan

Our representative model, the Carino series, has been playing an active role in various parts of Japan as a standard for mini crane games. There are many first-generation Carino machines that are still in operation more than 20 years after their release, which is why we insist on manufacturing our machines purely in Japan, from the careful selection of parts to the manufacturing site in our own factory. Although small in size as an arcade game machine, we continue to build up a track record of high performance and high durability that lives up to the name of a domestic machine.


Value to continue to provide

Our CEO, Mr. Goto, who has been in the game machine industry since the time when the original crane game appeared in Japan, has been releasing ESPLAN machines mainly for crane games since the company’s establishment. Carino, our flagship machine, has evolved in various ways to meet the needs of the times, while remaining faithful to the original crane game model, while being conscious of high profitability. There is no stagnant answer to the question, “What are we offering to the players? What we offer is an exciting experience.”


Experience in game console operations

We have been operating game machines as a profit-making model at more than 180 locations, mainly in Kyushu. We feed back a lot of information obtained from the actual operation to the development site and reflect it in our products. We are proud to be a manufacturer that can provide practical level support to stores and operators.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

Since we have our own development and manufacturing environment, we can also accept OEM consultations and requests for original designs and changes to game specifications. If you are considering developing an original brand, please contact us.


Courteous after-sales support

Fast response time is possible because we have our own factory in Japan, not overseas production. “If you have any questions, such as “I want to use it in this kind of location” or “Can we make this part better? With our own products, we can respond to a wide range of requests and provide solutions quickly.

Features of S-Plan products
Three axes of products + α


The features of ESPLAN machines are based on three types of game machines: mini-crane machines, hall machines, and AUTO machines. Since the gameplay can be customized to suit various locations and operation formats, many derivative machines are in operation.
In addition, our prize boxes, which enable us to handle a wide variety of prizes, are designed with attention to detail from the viewpoint of the viewer and user. The combination of a game machine and a prize box creates a very powerful eye-catching effect and generates a high level of profitability.